Imperia Pasta Machine

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"The Imperia Pasta Machine Means You Will Finally WOW Your Friends By Creating The Perfect, Italian-Style, Restaurant-Grade Pasta in Minutes.."

By now you know how important it is to make your own great food in your home and keep your friends, family and loved ones happy. Well, now..


You can finally make delicious and fantastic homemade pasta like a true Italian! Thanks to the impressive and unequalled Imperia Pasta Machine - made in Italy.


You're getting the Imperia machine here at the best price possible!


Easy to use, simple to clean (one wipe does the trick!) and great fun to use you'll be impressing your friends, family and loved ones in no time as you create your very own homemade pasta from heaven with the Imperia pasta machine.


You'll be wowing your dinner guests with a whole variety of different pastas available in the Imperia pasta machine attachments range, from ravioli to gnocchi and more.. See the Imperia Pasta Machine information page to learn more about these incredible pasta makers.


All you have to do is turn the roller and beautiful restaurant-standard pasta is produced magically before your eyes - God bless those clever people at Imperia pasta kitchen headquarters.


Your Imperia pasta machine is made up of two pasta rollers that can be adjusted to your own personal preference meaning you can create the perfect pasta to your own personal taste. Thick pasta? You got it. Thin imperia sp150 pasta? You choose - it's YOUR kitchen after all! You just choose the thickness of pasta you want and then simply feed your pasta through the spaghetti cutter or tagliatelle cutter and you're done! You can get the low down on the specifications of the machine on the Imperia pasta maker specifications page.


You're getting absolutely everything you need to turn your kitchen into a imperia sp150 pasta heaven in not time.. Your Imperia sp150 machine set includes the machine itself, the table clamp (you don't want your delicious pasta ending up on the floor!), the handle which makes the magic and full, step-by-step easy instructions. Want to see Imperia Pasta Machine reviews and learn more about how the pasta machines work?

Imperia Pasta Machine

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